Meet Our Horses

The Minis

Meet the cutest addition to Saddle Up’s therapy program thanks to Lucky C Ranch and the Colman family. Lucky and Reno are both 7 year old miniature horses. Although they are brothers their personalities are quite different.


Miniature Horse

Though the smaller brother, he is the oldest. Lucky is more friendly than Reno but he helps to lead him around life Lucky loves treats and to be groomed.

He can’t wait to be loved by all the therapy riders.


Miniature Horse

Though he may be shy, he is a sweetheart. Reno loves to run and show Lucky how fast he is. With his hair being so thick his favorite activity is getting brushed.

He knows he’ll get lots of grooming with Saddle Up’s Equine Therapy Riders.

Therapy Horses


Rescue Horse

Moe, AKA Mozart in Motion is the last of the horses owned by Saddle Up. Moe is a 21-year-old Morgan, that Saddle Up rescued over 6 years ago.

Moe has been such a big part of the Therapy Program and is loved by so many. He can be very stubborn when he wants but turns on the charm in the show ring. We hope Moe will be with us for many more years.



Dutton is a 5-year-old Thoroughbred mare. She stands at 16.2 hands. Dutton has a very calming and peaceful personality. Dutton has had previous experiences with Therapy Programs and has never had an issue with them.

All her riders have loved her and the way she rides. Dutton absolutely loves treats, especially apples. In all, Dutton is such an amazing horse with a wonderful personality and superior ride.



This is Trix, a 20 year old, 16.1hh, Holsteiner gelding. He is a jumper and has recently competed with hunters.

While his age may seem high, it has not slowed him down ONE bit. I am Addison Hutchins, Trix’s owner. I have been at Saddle Up for 10 years and wouldn’t have it any other way. I have been volunteering in the therapy program for around 4 years now and being able to interact with the riders and their families is truly amazing.

I have made lifelong friends and unforgettable experiences and memories at Saddle Up.


Quarter Horse

Royal is a 20-year-old gray gelding quarter horse who was born to a cattle rancher in Mississippi and worked as a ranch horse and a roping horse in his younger days.

He was then sold to a thoroughbred trainer and shipped to the racetrack becoming a lead pony for thoroughbred racehorses.

He is now retired and living a great life with a 16-year-old girl and has now been asked to join the therapeutic riding program. He’s been through a lot in his lifetime so he understands what nice and quiet therapy can do for your soul.

He’s now enjoying his retirement and loves his kisses and snuggles and treats from kids when they come to see him.


Quarter Horse

Rodeo is a 13-year-old quarter horse gelding. He stands at 16.3 hands with a solid build. He loves treats and grazing.

Rodeo won’t ever run from you and is an easy pasture catch. With a handsome face and loving eyes, he will snatch your heart. 


Belgian Quarter Horse mix

Ginger is a 14-year-old Belgian Quarter horse mix. She is strong and beautiful with a sweet personality.

We purchased her for our daughter Christine as Christine’s disability will never allow her to own or drive a car. Since we had gotten Christine’s twin sister a car, we felt this was the next best thing.

As Christine has gotten older, and bigger, she needs a horse that can hold a larger weight and Ginger fits that bill.

Having never owned a large animal, we have leaned on Saddle Up to help teach us the ropes in regards to care and feeding. We feel honored to be able to share Ginger with others in the Therapy program when needed. Since she has developed some issues that limit her ability to trot, she is best suited for beginner riders but loves going on trail rides, usually wanting to be the “lead” horse.

Should the Therapy program need another horse like Ginger and the ranch has the space we would not hesitate to purchase another like her that could be used as a backup and Christine can use should she advance into trotting gait and beyond. 

Thank you Saddle Up for helping us on this amazing journey!



Penny is a very sweet, nice, loyal, Gentle, Brave, and intelligent pony. She is great with kids, adults, and other species.

I have owned her since 6/30/20 she has never let me down (Giselle Carmody) and always brings a smile to my face, not only does she not speak easily but is patient especially with kids she is always welcoming and loves all the treats everyone gives her. 


Quarter Horse

Bode is a 6-year-old Registered Quarter Horse Gelding that stands a whopping 16’3 hands! Bode was born and raised right here in Florida

Unfortunately early in life Bode had an injury that prevented him from competing in his early days, but after some time out in the pasture and some TLC, he made his competition debut in 2021!

The quickest way to Bode’s heart is through his stomach so be sure to bring him some treats (he loves peppermints)! Bode is hoping to get introduced to the program very soon. Bode is owned by Mollie Sipos.



MJ is a 3-year-old Registered Quarter Horse mare that stands 15 hands. MJ was born and spent the first year of her life living in Colorado, before coming all the way to Florida where she spent some time of pasture till she was ready to be broke to ride!

MJ is in training to compete in Ranch Riding, Boxing, Ranch Trail, etc. MJ is extremely smart and will be joining the program in no time



So, my life with Harper began 3 years ago at Saddle Up when I became a volunteer with the therapy program. I had just moved to St Petersburg from Tucson, AZ where I had owned several horses, volunteered with a therapeutic riding program and taught riding lessons.

I was looking for my new horse home and barn and found Saddle Up.  It is the perfect fit for me.  Everyone at the barn has horses as their first love.  I started riding Harper and fell in love with her.

It was a dream come true when she came up for sale.  I immediately bought her to my delight.  Since then I ride about 3-5 days a week and participate in Western Ranch Riding shows where we are becoming more tuned for every show.

She is such a good horse that she is used in the therapeutic riding program and can always be trusted to listen to her rider and handler. 

I continue to volunteer in this program as I feel it is such an important opportunity for those with handicaps to work on their own physical strengthening as well as feel the freedom being on a horse offers like nothing else!

Ready to participate or volunteer?