The Best Volunteer

Running a nonprofit is not an easy task. Your records need to be spotless, your constantly having to update to the newest social media platform and do backflips to keep everyone happy, but the hardest and biggest task is recruiting volunteers. Equine therapy classes need a total of 5 – 12 volunteers for each class. […]

Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

  Recently my youngest daughter, Mollie, lost a beloved horse of hers.   And even though this wasn’t the first time she’d experienced loss, it happened to the horse we least expected.     Beloved Horse MJ Passes Unfortunately for reasons we still do not understand MJ passed away in the middle of the night.  This […]

2022 | New Beginnings for SaddleUp

The Best New Years Resolution You Can Make It’s 2022… can you believe it?!  Many look at the New Year as a mark to a fresh start. A chance to do something or be somebody they haven’t been in the past.  So I ask, did you make a New Years resolution? Myself, like I am […]